The Company

Our production strengths are the quality of our agricultural machines, Made in Italy, reliability and experience.



    We produce machines to tractors of various power, to support agriculture in difficoult processings.


    Our machines are completely produced in our Company: design, welding, painting and mechanical assembly.


    Reliability comes from the production of high artisanship machines and from the post-sales assistance we are giving to our customers.


    In 50 years history we have been keeping the quality of artisanship, constantly investing in new technologies.

The reason to choose us

We produce a wide range of agricultural machines, suitable to process the soil in vineyards, orchards, forestry areas, road edges, green areas, greenhouses, gardens and parks.

Our machines are completely produced inside our company, beginning from the raw material up to the finished product. We therefore take care of the complete production process: design, laser cutting, turning, welding, painting, mechanical assembly. We match the 50 years experience with a strong aptitude for research and innovation.

Thanks to a qualified network of authorised dealers, Ortolan Andrea products are now available in the main national and international markets.

The features that reward us

Ortolan Andrea agricultural machineries has established itself in the national and international market thanks to the features of its products and to the strengths expressed by the production team: flexibility and quality of products, components produced in Italy, reliability of pre and post production, and 50 years
experience combined with the constant innovation and research of new technologies.

A half-century-long history

Founded in 1972 by Augusto Ortolan, the company was born in Montebello Vicentino in the province of Vicenza, an area that has given birth to numerous small and medium-sized companies that are still forming the backbone of the Italian northeast economy.

In this context, Augusto Ortolan founded his first company, the “Ortolan Augusto”, which initially produced various agricultural tools, and then specialised in the production of tillers. Over the years the company grew and from a small artisan workshop, it became an important reality in the sector for agricultural machinery.

The entry into the company of his son Andrea, a technical designer, marks a decisive technological progress and, after a while, he founded the “Ortolan Andrea Macchine Agricole” himself, thus giving a turning point to his father’s company. The production expanded by extending and adding to tillers the production of: rotary harrows, flail mowers, stone buriers, aerators, lawnmowers and litter mixers.