Agricultural machines by Ortolan Andrea

We produce agricultural machines from design to mechanical assembly, following each production process. This is why we can offer our dealers an excellent after-sales service.


Ortolan Andrea tiller is also called rotary tiller or rotovator, and its work is performed by fixed hoes installed on a horizontal rotor that turns in the forward direction of the tractor. It’s ideal for preparing the soil to sowing, as it breaks up the clods of earth thus improving its structure, even in the presence of weeds and crop residues. We have both fixed and side-shift models, and we also offer a folding version. The working width of our tillers starts from a minimum of 84 cm up to a maximum of 500 cm. These technical features make Ortolan Andrea rotary tillers an extremely versatile product, making them suitable for working soil in greenhouses, gardens, fruit and vegetable crops, vineyards and open fields.

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Power harrows

Ortolan Andrea power harrow is an agricultural equipment used for the preparation of the seedbed, and for this reason it is often required with an applied seeder. Consisting of rotors with knives, the power harrow breaks up the clods after ploughing, refining the soil and compacting it, depending on the type of installed roller. Its versatility makes it an extremely useful product for preparing the soil in greenhouses, nurseries, gardens, fruit and vegetable crops and vineyards, for small, medium and large farms. We have different models based on the power of the tractor, in addition to the folding version. The working width of our power harrows starts from a minimum of 90 cm up to a maximum of 600 cm.

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Flail mowers

Ortolan Andrea flail mower is used to shred plant residues and so help their decomposition. It consists of a horizontal rotor to which hammers or blades can be applied. Our flail mowers are ideal for shredding in green spaces, gardens, orchards, nurseries, vineyards and greenhouse crops.
We also have flail mowers for the maintenance of embankments, ditches and roadsides, as well as flail mowers with collector, for excavators and forestry mulchers.

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Stone buriers

Ortolan Andrea stone burier is basically composed of a rotor which performs an opposite rotation with respect to the advancement of the tractor. It is an extremely useful equipment for burying stones, crop residues or surface clods even on previously unworked land, thus performing multiple functions in a single step. It’s particularly usefull on tenacious soils, allowing a considerable saving of time and the preparation of an optimal seed bed. Furthermore, the leveling blade provides for the refinement of the depressions in the soil. Ortolan Andrea stone burier is available in three models, depending on the power of the tractor.

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Other models

Ortolan Andrea also produces other machines for green maintenance and for bedding care in poultry farms. Different models are available for use in small and medium-sized companies.
Each model is equipped with a technical data sheet with mechanical features and options on request.

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Kind of rollers

The model of roller should be decided according to the features of the soil and to the kind of processing.

Available models are: cage rollers for medium textured soils; grid rollers to prepare seedbed in light and dry soils; packer and toothed rollers for hard soils; spikes rollers for wet and loam soils; spiral rollers for ligth and sandy soils.

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