Agricultural machines for soil processing and green areas maintenance

Since 1972 we produce agricultural machines for tractors from 10 HP  to 220 HP, matching passion for mechanic, love for land and technological innovation.

Ortolan Andrea agricultural machines

Tradition, innovation, reliability, Made in Italy, at the service of who loves working the land. These are our Company’s strengths.

Our agricultural machines

Ortolan Andrea agricultural machines are the expression of pure Made in Italy. Completely designed and manufactured in our factory in the province of Vicenza, they have succeeded in the international markets for the quality and the technology they hold.

Agricultural machines

Artisanship and technology

Our history, the artisanship and the constant investment in new technologies are the strengths that make our agricultural machines realible and performing, suitable to give the best solution to the farmer when working difficoults lands.

Our machines are completely produced inside our company, beginning from the raw material up to the finished product. We therefore take care of the complete production process: design, laser cutting, turning, welding, painting, mechanical assembly.